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Aerial Application

Farmers Air is an AIRCARE accredited operator. The AIRCARE™ Accreditation Programme is an integrated programme for aviation businesses. It brings flight safety, environmental safety and other safety related functions together in one safety assurance programme. In doing so it rationalises many of the aviation compliance requirements. We hold accreditation in Safety Management Systems, Growsafe, Spreadmark, Fire Fighting and Noise Abatement.

Advanced Fleet Technology

A Pacific Aerospace 750XL was modified by removing unnecessary weight, installing a light weight high strength carbon fibre hopper, and incorporating a barrier air filter into the streamlined cowl.  Farmers Air pilots were heavily involved in the design and their input influenced modifications to increase the rudder authority for improved cross wind performance, reduced the elevator stick  force to reduce pilot fatigue and designed a hydraulic gatebox that is also to aid in reducing pilot fatigue. Through these technological advancement's the Falco was born. Read about the Falco XL


  • Topdressing
  • Seeding
  • Baiting 
  • Fine Particle Application
  • Fire Fighting
  • Survey/Photography

Advanced Spreading Technology

The computer controlled gatebox developed by Farmers Air also has the ability to be coupled to GPS prescription map's for variable rate spreading (still in development) and is now considered the industry standard for variable rate application.The aircraft has a 3000 litre hopper capacity with a 2200kg payload. Crunch the numbers and you will find that our technology coupled with our aircraft, specifically the industry leading Falco XL is the least expensive platform to spread fertiliser by air.

Leading edge of Aviation Innovation

Farmers Air operates the most modern fleet of aircraft in the country. In 2011 we undertook an evaluation and major modification of a Pacific Aerospace 750XL aircraft which is manufactured in Hamilton, New Zealand. This aircraft has the venerable DNA of the Fletcher and Cresco but as these aircraft are no longer in production they are essentially obsolete so Farmers Air needed an aircraft to take it into the future.

GPS Application Accuracy

We use TracMap GPS guidance for accuracy and proof of placement and in doing so support a NZ manufacturer. TracMap helps us improve the application efficiency of your fertiliser. We quickly became an early adopter of GPS technology to provide the best possible service to our clients.

Farm & Workplace Safety

We do it safely, or we don’t do it at all.

Safety is a big part of our business and our clients, so it imperative to think about safety and how it impacts our/your day. When working with Farmers Air we will through our SMS (Safety Management System) and AIRCARE™ accredition keep you, your staff and our team and the environment as safe as possible.

It is important to let us know about any hazards on the property, for more information please download and read the Farm Airstrip Guideline covering Farm Airstrips & Associated Fertiliser Cartage, Storage and Application Airstrip.