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Serving East Coast Farms

We provide a full range of agricultural aviation application solutions – and we’re specialists in the field of aerial top dressing.

Innovative in our Approach

Our customers make their living off the land and therefore depend on us to help them keep that land in the best possible condition throughout the year.

Leaders in the Field

We operate the most modern fleet of aircraft in the country and we use TracMap GPS guidance to ensure accuracy and proof of release. 

Who We Are

We understand the farming landscape and we work closely with our customers to ensure we achieve the best possible results in the most cost-effective manner.

Our specialist knowledge sets us apart and we never compromise on our commitment to providing a consistently high-quality service, whilst ensuring safety is paramount in everything we do.


Variable Rate Technology

With Farmers Air

Variable rate (VR) is a new technology that helps aerial top dressers apply the right amount of fertiliser to the right parts of hill country farms to reduce nutrient run off, minimise input costs for farmers by avoiding wasteful application to unproductive land, and promote environmental sustainability.
VR takes into account slopes, sensitive land, boundaries, aspect, stocking rate, soil fertility, production yield. It connects wirelessly to the plane’s computer which automatically controls the door release.


How does it benefit me?

VR allows you to be more efficient and effective in the way you spread your fertiliser saving you money. You can then deploy fertiliser you might have previously spread on sensitive or unproductive land and make it go further on more productive yielding areas.
VR also provides you with accurate and precise proof of placement.
By using VR you are protecting yourself from the volatility of fertiliser prices by only using what you need, and nothing you don’t. That’s a win for you, your bank balance and the environment.

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With over 40 years in operation and more than 600 farming families on the books – our history speaks for itself and it’s something we are very proud of.



We have an experienced team of people all committed to the cause of serving our local farming families.

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“Their focus on safety is in another league to the rest – you simply can’t fault them on this front.”

Johnny Williams,
Taaheke and Waihina Stations

The Farmer’s Air team take over the entire process, they work in with our Fert rep and transport operator to get the job done, this takes a huge load off my shoulders. I know I can rely on them to get the job done safely and to a high standard every year.”

Keven Delegat,
Tauwhareparae Farms Limited

“Their technology is industry leading – they’re always working on this aspect of their business.

Sefton + Amanda Alexander,
Wai Station