Farmers Air

East Coast, East Cape and Northern Hawke's Bay aerial application services

Farmers Air is an innovative agricultural aviation company which prioritises customer service, efficiency and safety. We provide a modern fleet of aircraft and loading equipment. Farmers Air provides a full range of accurate agricultural aviation application services, specialising in Aerial Topdressing and Fine Particle Application.  Read More

Leaders in our field

We use the right technology to help our customers achieve modern day efficiencies and returns critical to maintaining their competitive edge in today's modern farming enterprises. We make it our mission to provide consistent high quality service through our dedicated team of pilots, ground crew and staff.
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Application Assurance

We use TracMap GPS guidance for accuracy and proof of placement and in doing so we support another New Zealand industry leading manufacturer. With aerial Spreadmark accreditation and the Falco XL's superior spread pattern, gatebox technology and spreader attachment's for high analysis products you are guaranteed a top quality service. 
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Cost Effective Aerial Application

Increased aerodynamic gains of the Falco XL allows us to efficiently spread your valued fertiliser dollar in less time than any other aircraft platform available today.
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Mapping Request Technology

We have invested in new technology to offer a digital mapping program free of charge to assist our customers application requirements. This has greatly improved the communication about where our services can be directed and improved efficiencies within our operation. This service provides a direct link from the customers home computer or mobile device to the aircraft's cockpit, displaying information for the pilot such as application areas, application rates, exclusion zones and hazards on the aircraft's GPS.
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Independent Spreader

We are an independent operator who can control it's costs and operations from the ground up, giving you the best team & equipment to ensure that you get the best result. We work with your preferred supplier and the product of your choice is applied by our team of experts who will deliver quality service with superior efficiency & assured results.
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Computer Controlled Spreading

Farmers Air's own computer controlled gatebox also has the ability to be coupled to GPS prescription map's for variable rate application.
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